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This Unique Promotional Advertising gift will fit the most eccentrics or the most simple. It will help them all the time so much that don’t be surprised they will depend on your gift every day and that it is because this patented easy to use promotional gift will open any soda can or any beer can, any plastic bottle or water bottle, even a traditional glass bottle easy and fast. It is ergonomic and it is magnetic, so you will have your information on their Refrigerator door 24/7 now and for many years to come.

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OpenSesame Bottle Opener Review

Easy Bottle Opener

Promotional Advertising Gift For Your Business

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Companies, large and small hand out many millions of dollars in promotional advertising gifts to their customers at sales meetings and also at conventions that they attend. Salesmen will hand out a promotional advertising gift at a meeting to break the ice and get conversation started at a comfortable level, while marketing people will use promotional advertising gifts to lure people to their exhibitors booth at conventions and then engage them in a discussion about the companies products. The Open Sesame promotional advertising gift is an excellent gift that you can provide to your sales and marketing teams to use in these situations. The Open Sesame promotional advertising gift displays your companies name and logo in a prominent location and customers will not throw your promotional advertising gift in the garbage since it is also very practical.

There is ample room for your logo and corporate name to be tastefully displayed on the Open Sesame promotional advertising gift so you know that your customers will always be reminded of your companies name and products. This promotional advertising gift always attaches the same way to a metal surface so that your corporate name is on display. Even if it is lying on a flat surface, it naturally lies in such a manner that again your companies name will be displayed.

We mentioned that it is practical as well, which actually increases the amount of time that your Open Sesame promotional advertising gift will remain with your customers and not end up in the garbage. The Open Sesame is a bottle opener, a can opener, a bottle cap opener and a magnet that you or your customers can use to stick on a metal surface and hold items to the fridge or some other metal surface. Anyone who has difficulty opening bottle caps and twist off bottle tops will find the Open Sesame promotional advertising gift a blessing. With a simple twist of the Open Sesame, you will be able most bottles with tightly twisted caps.

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Pop ups, Tin caps, Screw off tops, Magnetic Easy Bottle Opener

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