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Besides, the simple functions of this unique Personalized Bottle Opener you are also guarantying a gift that will last for many years to come. That is right because Open Sesame easily opens any soda can, any beer can, most Plastic bottles and the traditional glass bottles. So you’ll feel proud of your gift every single time because your personalized bottle opener is exclusive, affordable and it is the best that there is. It will be used every day by everybody and because it is magnetic it will always  be accessible on their refrigerator door. See more and how, right below

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Open Sesame Promotional Bottle Opener

Personalized Bottle Opener - Use Your Company or Product Name On It

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The Open Sesame is one of the best personalized bottle openers on the market. The Open sesame is a bottle opener and a soft drink can opener and has a magnet all in one product. This personalized bottle opener can open both twist off caps from bottles as well as those that you need to pry off such as beer bottles and others like them. In addition you can use this personalized bottle opener to lift the tabs on soft drink cans t open them.

This personalized bottle opener also comes with a magnet that you can use to stick the Open Sesame on the fridge or some other metal surface. The Open Sesame personalized bottle opener is a very versatile product and one that everyone should consider having.

Our web site has a lot if useful information about the Open Sesame personalized bottle opener on it including short videos that will show you just how versatile the personalized bottle opener is. Consumers can use their personalized bottle opener in a number of ways to open bottles and soft drink cans with out a struggle and avoid breaking nails etc. If your hands are not as strong as they once were or if you suffer from arthritis, you will find that the Open Sesame personalized bottle opener is one tool that you just cannot do without.

The Open Sesame best personalized bottle also comes with a magnet on the back of the best personalized bottle which you can use to attach it to the fridge or some other metal surface. Your best personalized bottle can be used to hold family pictures and other notes to the fridge to remind you of things that you need to do in the next few days.

Some customers have been purchasing several of these personalized bottle openers and keeping one in the kitchen and the other in the basement family room were they may have a second bar. Some will purchase an extra personalized bottle opener to take to the beach with them or to the cottage.

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