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The number 1 opener for any beer can, soda can, most water bottles and plastic bottles as well as glass bottles such as traditional sodas or beers. Open Sesame is an Ideal opener for anybody or any occasion. It is a must have to help any opening, anywhere, anytime. See more and how, right below.

If you are looking for something different to give as a gift to your friends or family why not consider the Open Sesame as a gift idea? The Open Sesame helps everyone with opening difficult to open screw top bottles, pry off bottle caps and even soft drink cans were the tab is too stiff to lift up with your fingernails. Our web site has a lot of information on it about the Open Sesame product including videos about the product and how you can purchase it.

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Once you have had a chance to observe the videos, we know you will want to order one or more of the Open Sesame products. In fact many people will order one for the kitchen and another for the family room or the bar to keep them handy whenever they need it.

Many women find soft drink cans difficult to open. The lift up tab is often too stiff and it is tight against the top of the can making it difficult to get your fingernail under the tab. Breaking a fingernail is not an option for most women, especially if you have just done your nails or have paid for an expensive manicure! The Open Sesame is the perfect product for these situations and once you see the video on our web site, we know you will be convinced that it is the right product for you.

Customers can order the Open Sesame in a number of ways. Call us or order an Open Sesame from our web site and pay for your Open Sesame with your credit card. There are a number of combinations that you can choose from when you order your Open Sesame. Choose from a single Open Sesame in a variety of colours to combinations of Open Sesame's and coolers that you can take along to the beach. You can put your Open Sesame in the cooler or purchase a hanging chord to hang your Open Sesame around your neck so it is available whenever you need it.

The Open Sesame can also be ordered in the US as well as in Canada and you can arrange for rush shipping if you want to receive your Open Sesame as quickly as possible for a gift to someone.

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To learn how Open Sesame can help you click here or to order one or more Open Sesames click here or to order over the phone call us 305-889-2868.

There are a number of videos and images on our web site that will show you what a great product this is. Visit now and order a Open Sesame bottle opener. Bulk orders will receive bulk prices!

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