An Amazing Kitchen Utensil this is

It is unbelievable but true

This kitchen utensil is the most unique kitchen utensil there is and the reason is very simple, it is because it is a necessary utensil not only in the kitchen but in a boat, or a camper, or in the RV or at the beach, in a BBQ, in a party, in the office or at home. No matter the time or the place when you need it, you’ll have the best Kitchen Utensil that there is.

This extra ordinary Kitchen utensil easily opens, any soda cans, beer cans water bottles, soda bottles as well as many different plastic bottles and the traditional glass bottles of course. It is unique, exclusive, magnetic, functional, comfortable, and patented. It is easy to use and fast. It is an Ideal kitchen utensil and the best gift idea. See more and how, right below

OpenSesame Bottle Opener Review

Easy Bottle Opener

A Kitchen Utensil Made To Easily Open Any Can or Bottle Pain Free

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If you have never heard of the Open Sesame product before you will be amazed at how useful it can be as a kitchen utensil. Many people, particularly older people and consumers who suffer from diseases such as arthritis will appreciate how this kitchen utensil can assist them around the kitchen. Open bottles when the bottle cap is on tight, or opening a soft drink can when you cannot lift the tab for example can be particularly frustrating for many people. The Open Sesame is a great kitchen utensil that makes easy work of both challenges.

In addition to opening bottle caps, this kitchen utensil has another unique advantage. The Open Sesame product comes with a magnet, which makes it easy to store on the fridge or even the side of the microwave. Keep pictures, or appointments on the fridge with Open Sesame kitchen utensil, while at the same time it is always within easy reach whenever you have a hard to open bottle of jar.

If you are a consumer, you will appreciate the advantages of this simple kitchen utensil, while if you are a company looking for something to hand out to your customers, this kitchen utensil is a great idea. Companies can have their logo, company name and contact information placed prominently on the Open Sesame kitchen utensil to always remind your customers of your services and products.

With such great advertising and a kitchen utensil that is so useful your customers will appreciate the gift you provide them when you send one to your best customers. The great rapport and customer relationship value that you gain from providing such a useful kitchen utensil to your customers will assist in making sales of your companies products to them.

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