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As a can opener you’ll know that open sesame is the best soda can and beer can opener there is. Once you use it then you’ll realize that it is the best and the best is what you deserve and you should always ask for and always should have. 

Open Sesame Can openers are the number one choices by bartenders, flight attendants, seniors, and housewives, kids or any body who needs a good comfortable opener on a daily basis for cans or bottles. See more and how, right below.  

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Many people have a hard time opening pop cans. Sometimes the tab that you need to lift is too tight to the can and you cannot get the soft drink cab open. Some people do not have the strength in the fingers to lift the tab sufficiently to break the seal on the soft drink can. Many women do not like to open soft drink cans since they may break their nails and ruin and expensive manicure. The Open Sesame can opener is just the tool that all of these people can use and will find it easy to open soft drink cans. The Open Sesame can opener also doubles as a bottle opener and with either screw caps or pressure fit caps.

View the Open Sesame can opener on our web site and look at some of the short streaming videos that demonstrate how to use it and the situations that many people find themselves in were this can opener can help them. In addition to being a can opener, and a bottle opener the Open Sesame also has a magnet to attach it to a fridge or other metal surface. Customers can keep it readily available by using the magnet to attach the can opener to the fridge and also to save pictures etc. like many families do all over America.

Sometimes bottle caps are on too tight or your fingers just do not have the strength that they used to and you have to wait until someone visits in order to open a bottle. With the Open Sesame can opener you can quickly open many different types of bottles without having to wait for someone to visit. Bottles with lift off caps are also no problem for the Open Sesame can opener providing lots of leverage to enable you to open many bottles that you might have struggled with in the past.

The Open Sesame can opener is also attractive as well and you can order several different colours that look like real bottles sticking to your fridge. Many companies will also offer these Open Sesame can openers as gifts and promotions with company names prominently displayed as a means of advertising and building good will with their customers. Order the Open Sesame in large quantities and the prices can be adjusted to reflect your total business.


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