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No mater the place or the occasion, if a bottle opener is what you need then you have just found the best bottle opener there is. And I'll tell you why right now.

It is the first choice for most people that need an opener on a daily basis. You will easily open any glass bottle, any aluminum can with soda, Juice or beer, most water bottles or plastic bottles in general with US standard tops.

Oh YES, you can open any soda in plastic bottle or any soda can as well as the traditional soda or beer in glass bottles. You'll be opening them all no matter if is large, medium or small bottle. It will never fail you and it will easily open them  easy, comfortably  and fast.

This unique bottle opener has been granted several patents and is the only one that really works well with them all. It is a unique gift idea for any home or office. Open Sesame Bottle Openers are easy, secure comfortable and Fast.

You don't need to get crazy any more because with this bottle opener you have solved all the opening needs anywhere you always feel for a big soda, beer, water or juice opening. No matter if is a party or just a refreshing time for you or your family. You'll be able to open any coca cola, Pepsi cola or Corona or Heineken you mention it, even a simple bottle of water any day any time all the time, and the most funny part is that you'll be able to keep it on your refrigerator door as a Fridge magnet bottle or can opener. It is the first choice for those who need to open a soda can, a beer can, a plastic bottle or a glass bottle in a party, a flight attendant in an airplane, even a bartender in regular working hours. It is so helpful that many are amazed once they start using it. This multi opener among all bottle openers is really a Magic Opener. See more and how, right below.

Open Sesame Magnetic Bottle Opener

Open Sesame Bottle Openers

Convenient Easy to Use Plastic Bottle Opener

The Open Sesame bottle opener makes easy work of opening all bottles and consumers are often surprised at how easy it can be to open a tightly screwed bottle cap. With such a practical device, the Open Sesame bottle opener makes an excellent gift either on a personal basis or from companies that want to be able to offer a gift to their best customers that will advertise their company and provide a useful tool to their customers.

The Open Sesame bottle opener can be used as a bottle opener, a can opener and a soft drink tab opener as well as a magnetic holder on your fridge. The Open Sesame is also used by many companies to advertise their companies. They provide their companies name and logo on the bottle opener. You can even purchase several different colours that represent real bottles and add a nice pleasant look to your fridge. Consumers who are interested in purchasing one of the bottle openers can visit our web site or call to place an order.

Offering this bottle opener is a great way to build good will with your best customers and at the same time advertise your company. Since this bottle opener is such a useful tool, most gift recipients will keep their bottle opener right on the fridge were visitors and family members can easily see it when the visit. Customers may even want to have several of the Open Sesame bottle openers. Once can be used in the kitchen and kept on the fridge, while the other can be kept at the bar and used for parties. Either way your company gets lots of free advertising.

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