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There are many different types of arthritis products to help people who suffer from arthritis. Arthritis often affects many peoples joints and especially the joints of the hands making it very difficult to open bottles with twist off caps or caps that you pry off. Some people will rely on medical arthritis products to help to control the pain and the inflammation that goes along with arthritis. The Open Sesame belongs in another category altogether and that is the products and tools that help people with arthritis.

Arthritis products such as the Open Sesame help people who have weak hands because of arthritis in several ways. They may not have much strength in their hands and the Open Sesame can help them open those hard to open bottle caps or tabs on soft drink cans and even pry off bottle caps off beer bottles etc. This can be a huge assistance to many arthritis suffers, however there is one more major advantage to arthritis sufferers.

The Open Sesame arthritis product also means that arthritis sufferers do not have to put so much pressure on their sore joints and fingers. If you have arthritis in your hands, you already know that it hurts a lot to open bottles and do other manual things with your arthritic hands. The Open Sesame is an excellent arthritis product because it takes some of the stress off your hands and makes it much easier to open these bottles etc without placing unneeded stress on your hands.

Any time you can reduce the stress on your arthritic hands, it often means less pain and less medication, which is another great advantage. Mechanical arthritis products such as the Open Sesame product will not eliminate your pain, but it can reduce it when you use the Open Sesame properly. Visit our web site and you can watch some of the videos, which demonstrates how to use the Open Sesame and also the kinds of applications that this arthritis product can be sued for.

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