Arthritis Pain Relieve

Easy Plastic Bottle Opener to Relieve Arthritis Pain in Hands & Wrists

Easy open any soda can any beer can water bottle glass bottle easy and fast.

Many people suffer from arthritis and they experience a great deal of pain every day just trying to do every day normal things. Open bottles with screw caps, opening pop cans with pull tabs and opening all kinds of bottles with caps, both plastic and metal create pain for many arthritis sufferers. There are all kinds of medicine that many patients take to help deal with the pain and provide arthritis pain relief. These arthritic pain relief medications all have side effects, which can be as uncomfortable as the arthritis itself sometimes. Our product, Open Sesame, is a unique arthritic pain relief device that will help many people and make their day a little bit easier without the side effects of normal arthritic pain relief medication.

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Arthritis Pain Relieve Bottle Opener

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In addition to opening bottles with caps and cans with tabs, the Open Sesame product provides it's own form of arthritic pain relief by making it easier for you to perform everyday tasks that many people take for granted. If you have arthritis, then you know how difficult it can be sometimes to open a can or bottle and you cannot always turn to someone for help as well. Besides we all want to be independent and do things for our selves instead of depending on others all of the time.

The Open Sesame product can provide a little bit of independence back and provide arthritic pain relief at the same time. Another advantage of the Open Sesame product is that it comes with a handy magnet, which can be used to hold items on any metal surface. Most people will place it on the fridge and use it to hold papers etc. for easy reference. Placing it on the fridge also makes it easy to find and grab when you need it. Even searching for a can opener in the drawer can cause unwanted pain, so the open sesame product can help by easily available all of the time.

Open Sesame neatly inserts under pop-up-tops. It grips and grabs screw-off tops to unseal them with a simple twist of the wrist. Neatly inserts under tin-caps. Magnetized so it can be stored on the refrigerator door or any steel surface for easier accessibility. Open Sesame is an ideal arthritis pain relief. A must have handy new tool. Allows the user to open a variety of containers quickly, safely and with ease.

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